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By: Julia Bennet  
There are situations in life when you need to make life changing decisions. When it comes to planning your next holiday, it is always best to know what your options are and to be certain that you have all the facts before you actually make a choice. If yo
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Viewed : 122 Times   Date Submitted :  2014-09-26
  Article Number : 211263
Search Terms : Why ,Invest ,Yacht ,Charter ,Greece ,charter ,going ,holiday ,spend ,life ,Greece ,make
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By: Julia Bennet  
If you have never been on a sailing holiday, then you do not know what you are missing. The truth is that this is the kind of experience that can not be replaced by anything else. Yes, you could decide to go on a cruise ship with a few friends and enjoy t
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  Article Number : 211262
Search Terms : Advantages ,Offered ,Bareboat ,Charter ,Athens ,charter ,holiday ,enjoy ,going
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By: George Velvet  
This summer you can spend a lavish holiday with your family in the Cyclades. Situated in the southern region of Aegean Sea, this archipelago has approximately 2,200 islands, where only thirty three islands are inhabited.
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Viewed : 144 Times   Date Submitted :  2014-06-17
  Article Number : 210575
Search Terms : Catamaran ,Charter ,Cyclades ,Services ,services ,charter ,catamaran ,Cyclades ,family ,bareboat ,tour ,such
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By: Julia Bennet  
In simple terms, boat charters refer to arrangements made for hiring boats. These charters generally comprise of crew members and provisions that lie within the agreement. This is not to say that one cannot arrange for something else excluding the crew me
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Viewed : 135 Times   Date Submitted :  2014-05-10
  Article Number : 209235
Search Terms : complete ,overview ,Cyprus ,boat ,charters ,Cyprus ,boat ,charters ,boats ,crew ,hiring
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By: J D Arbuckle  
Forget the stress that comes along with the typical wedding planning. Come see why more and more couples are choosing Key West, Florida for their destination wedding. Excellent professional wedding planners abound on the island, offering diverse packages
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  Article Number : 206515
Search Terms : Planning ,Island ,Wedding ,island ,wedding ,traditional
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By: Kent Thompson  
Manuel Antonio is the best beach destination in Costa Rica--hands down. Vacation rentals are not only more economical than hotels for families and groups, but also offer more privacy and amenities.
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Viewed : 144 Times   Date Submitted :  2013-07-14
  Article Number : 153936
Search Terms : Vacation ,Rentals ,Manuel ,Antonio ,Manuel ,vacation ,tours ,Antonio ,luxury ,hotels
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