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Insurance, investments, and loans are only a few options to help you properly manage your unique finance situation. Read on to see how theses options and others can benefit you.

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By: Jones Harington  
High risk lenders for personal loans are typically lenders that will deal with businesses and individuals with very bad credit. They may provide a cash advance, payday loan, or even an unsecured personal loan that you can use for any reason whatsoever.

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Viewed : 240 Times   Date Submitted :  2017-12-04
Article Number : 213889
Tags : Risk ,Lenders ,Personal ,Loans ,Why ,loan ,lenders ,loans ,credit ,cash ,personal ,advance ,money ,o

By: Nikitas Tsoukalis  
Pre-Qualified and Pre-Approved offers that come in the mail do not guarantee that you'll be approved for your new credit card once you apply.

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Viewed : 41 Times   Date Submitted :  2017-10-26
Article Number : 213857
Tags : Pre-Qualified ,Pre-Approved ,credit ,offers ,offer ,pre-approved ,pre-qualified ,score ,receive ,mail ,card

By: Nikitas Tsoukalis  
Debt collectors are using deceptive collection practices in order to intimidate consumers into paying unnecessary fees and getting additional loans.

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Viewed : 36 Times   Date Submitted :  2017-10-20
Article Number : 213848
Tags : Debt ,Collectors ,Can't ,Pay ,Own ,debt ,business ,million ,collectors ,credit ,stay

By: Nikitas Tsoukalis  
The state of Mississippi sues, largest credit bureau, Experian over erroneous reporting on customers' credit reports.

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Viewed : 73 Times   Date Submitted :  2017-01-05
Article Number : 213430
Tags : State ,Mississippi ,Experian ,credit ,Experian ,errors ,information ,report ,Mississippi ,consumer

By: Nikitas Tsoukalis  
Are you going to inherit your dead spouse's or parent's debt? Probably NOT. However, if you have cosigned for the debt you are responsible for paying it off.

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Viewed : 71 Times   Date Submitted :  2017-01-02
Article Number : 213429
Tags : Inheriting ,Debt ,debt ,credit ,estate

By: Tim Witherspoon  
It's easy to feel helpless when the bank is foreclosing on your home, but it does not have to be that way. There are things that can be done during foreclosure proceedings to convince the bank to allow you keep your home.

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Viewed : 69 Times   Date Submitted :  2017-01-02
Article Number : 213427
Tags : Foreclosure ,Saving ,foreclosure ,bank ,take ,mortgage ,avoid ,lender ,doesn ,going ,want


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