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By: Roger Himes  
Too often, we are content to live by the wisdom and theology of man, simply because it's the way we think and humans. Man's ways are very complicated, and thus 'enticing' as Paul says, because we are led to think that life should be complex. But the gospe

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Article Number : 213642
Tags : Wisdom ,Theology ,Different ,Gospel ,God ,gospel ,life ,wisdom ,Paul ,Jesus ,things ,thinking ,says ,calls

By: Roger Himes  
pray without We sometimes think that prayer is nothing more than us talking to God, telling him what we think, and what we want. We petition God for ourselves, and we offer intercessory prayers for others. We let God know what he's doing good, and what th

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Article Number : 213597
Tags : Talking ,God ,Healing ,Prayer ,Miracle ,Requests ,Intercessory ,prayer ,take ,pray ,voice ,says ,Paul ,Bible ,presence

By: Samantha Knowles  
By the grace of Jesus Christ, the Lord God - There is no difference between a rich man and a poor man that both believe in Jesus Christ for Christ is everything. The greater act of love that a human being can perform is to tell another human being about J

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Article Number : 213351
Tags : God ,Jesus ,Christ ,Spirit ,beloved ,Holy ,worship ,living ,Word

By: Paul A Philips  
Oxfam reports that 1 in 5 in the UK live below the official poverty line. It's roughly the same for the USA and that includes children. However, there exists another kind of poverty. It's not the kind related to a lack of material things but an inner spir

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Article Number : 213176
Tags : Spiritually ,Impoverished ,Nation ,Solutions ,life ,things ,spiritual ,inner ,poverty

By: James Flanders I  
As a kid, washing my hands didn't come naturally. It was something I had to learn. Over the process of time and much instruction I began to understand the importance of it. But let me tell ya, I was a very slow learner.In some ways, is it the same way

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Article Number : 212498
Tags : Soap ,love ,tell ,parents ,same ,hands

By: Todd Dawson  
California Missions symbolize a period of oppression in its true sense to a majority of the historians in the US. However, they still stand there as reminders of the beginning of the European interaction with the country.

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Article Number : 211454
Tags : California ,Missions ,Brought ,Missions ,California ,Mission


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