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By: jhoana cooper  
April Fools jokes are ordinarily pranks played on some hapless person who forgets that this is a day for pranks. Some of these jokes are fun, but some end up going too far and end up in the category of bad jokes. There are some good examples of these joke

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By: jhoana cooper  
You should be careful when telling age jokes to some people who may feel offended for mentioning their age or implying that they are getting older, even though they most assuredly are. Baby jokes have the same consequences as most parents are sensitive ab

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By: jhoana cooper  
Making fun of someone's age with age jokes can either get you a chuckle or a punch in the nose. It is best to know the person well if you are going to make bad jokes about their age, or at least do it while planning an escape route in case the old person

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