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By: Vikram kumar  
Butterfly specimens are collected for many scientific reasons. You might not be in that field of study but still it's important you know how such specimens are collected and preserved. It might come in handy at a situation you least expect so never r

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Article Number : 211896
Tags : Procedures ,Collecting ,Storing ,Butterfly ,Specimens ,specimens ,specimen ,butterfly ,mounting

By: Vikram kumar  
Many people are usually confused on whether bats are birds or mammals. The truth is that they are the only flying mammals with their wings looking like the hand of a human being. It is simply a very complicated creature to understand

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Article Number : 211882
Tags : Bats- ,Things ,Knew ,bats ,mammals

By: Todd Dawson  
Mexican Day of the Dead is perhaps the oldest celebration you may have noticed. History reports it is there in the region almost 4,000 years ago.

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Article Number : 211299
Tags : Mexican ,Day ,Dead ,History ,Dead ,celebration ,death ,celebrations

By: Todd Dawson  
A visitor in Mexico is sure to feel amazed at the excitement they can witness by the midst of October all over the region. They are preparing themselves for the most wonderful of celebrations; Mexican Day of the Dead.

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Article Number : 211296
Tags : Mexican ,Day ,Dead ,Customs ,Traditions ,altar ,items ,departed ,spirits ,spend ,children

By: astrink james  
East Form is one of the leading companies in construction of best exhibition stand Moscow, exhibition stands Kiev and St. Petersburg city where you can avail our services in constructing the best exhibition stands so that your dream event becomes a huge s

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Article Number : 210573
Tags : Best ,Exhibition ,Stands ,Moscow ,Kiev ,exhibition ,stands ,design ,services ,Kiev ,best ,language ,Moscow

By: George Velvet  
Celebrities can be found in every country, because they are all of the time on TV or they play in various movies that can be seen in cinemas, and all of them have their own fans who are very interested in finding out more about their lives and career

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Article Number : 210317
Tags : Visit ,CelebQuest ,receive ,personal ,message ,celebrity ,couples ,toda ,want ,Hollywood ,message ,favorite ,celebrity ,website ,news


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