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By: Javier Snover  
Lawyers love the average realtor lease for many reasons. Most of these leases are full of holes-holes lawyers like to exploit.

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Viewed : 85 Times   Date Submitted :  2017-12-19
Article Number : 213908
Tags : Hiring ,Attorneys ,Precisely ,Why ,lease ,clause ,Mental ,court ,property

By: Jeff Schuman  
When it comes to a domestic violence charge, the stakes are often very high. A domestic violence attorney will walk you through the process and help you to go forward with your life after a charge of domestic violence. If you are found guilty of a domes

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Viewed : 70 Times   Date Submitted :  2017-11-23
Article Number : 213877
Tags : Call ,Domestic ,Violence ,Attorney ,attorney ,domestic ,lawyer ,violence ,charge ,court

By: Jay Sadd, Esquire  
As you make it further in your personal injury claim, the Atlanta personal injury law firm that is representing you will keep you informed of each stage of the litigation process. One of the most important aspects of your case about which your Atlanta per

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Viewed : 26 Times   Date Submitted :  2017-10-14
Article Number : 213840
Tags : Discovery ,Preparation ,Personal ,Injury ,Lawyer ,injury ,personal ,case ,discovery ,process ,client ,information

By: Henry Abelman  
No matter how much effort you put into due diligence or how honest and sincere your general contractor is, disputes happen. When they do, you might immediately assume you have no choice but to file a lawsuit against your general contractor - but you have

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Viewed : 16 Times   Date Submitted :  2017-10-09
Article Number : 213823
Tags : How ,Resolve ,Contractor ,Dispute ,Legal ,Options ,contractor ,dispute ,disputes ,work

By: David Johnson, P.A.  
The article sheds light on Open Adoption agreements and the usefulness of mediation in creating one.

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Viewed : 28 Times   Date Submitted :  2017-09-27
Article Number : 213789
Tags : Adoption ,Agreements ,child ,parents ,agreement ,first ,Agreement

By: Peggy Hoyt  
There is no time like the present, and that is especially true in the world of estate planning. Although it is preferable to live a long and healthy life, it is always prudent to plan in advance to ensure your wishes are carried out as you desire.

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Viewed : 15 Times   Date Submitted :  2017-09-27
Article Number : 213787
Tags : Top ,Reasons ,Estate ,Planning ,plan ,planning ,estate ,assets ,wishes


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