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By: Charles Kania  
This article pertains to how student loans are treated in Bankruptcy. Over the years discharging student loan debt in bankruptcy has become more and more difficult.

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By: Shiela Banks  
When taking a loan one should always take the time to diligently check if the loan is affordable or not. many consumers assume that if a bank or another lender approves a loan it means that the loan is indeed affordable. Unfortunately this is not always t

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Tags : afford ,loan ,applying ,loan ,applying ,enough ,making ,credit ,afford ,lender ,payments

By: Shiela Banks  
Living within your means is the right and responsible thing to do. For many years Americans have been living on debt and as debt piles up the risk of defaulting also rises. A job loss or any other unexpected event can make the borrower get in trouble defa

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Tags : Living ,means ,debt ,debt ,credit ,make ,simply ,card


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