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By: Kitz Lerqo  
Intervention for addiction is not just restricted to those who have an alcoholism and drug abuse problem, such approach is also used for those who have gambling addiction, addiction for sex, and also an addiction to online video gaming.

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Viewed : 15 Times   Date Submitted :  2018-01-11
Article Number : 213936
Tags : Different ,Intervention ,Techniques ,Used ,addiction ,intervention ,person ,Intervention ,problem

By: Richie Maputi  
Thousands of irrelevant drugs trades are scattering in the market nowadays . Governments of several nations have been in a continuous man hunt for drug lords that are the source of every illegal drug hitting all areas of the world. Centers for alcohol and

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Article Number : 213932
Tags : Drug ,Alcohol ,Rehabilitation ,Centers ,Renewing ,Broken ,Lives ,drug ,alcohol ,drugs ,illegal ,cent

By: Richie Maputi  
Countless numbers of people are suffering with the issue of drug addiction. It has been the cause of broken families and crimes. People try with these drugs out of curiosity or from peer pressure. The concern now is how can we tell that a person is addict

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Article Number : 213931
Tags : Signs ,Symptoms ,Drug ,Addiction ,drug ,abuse ,drugs

By: Teodora Atanasoff  
What is the most recent method approved by FDA that can help you recover from drug and alcohol addiction

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Article Number : 213922
Tags : Recover ,Alcoholism ,Drug ,Addiction ,drug ,alcohol ,Disulfiram ,drinking ,treatment

By: Ericka Lopez  
There are many misconceptions regarding mental illness today, notwithstanding the medical advancements and how media tends to change opinions about it. This suggests that there is still insufficiency with regards to information dissemination on this matte

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Article Number : 213904
Tags : Discover ,Fallacies ,Mental ,Disorder ,individuals ,disorder ,illness ,brain ,people

By: Joey Young  
Dual diagnosis is used to describe someone with both mental disorder and an alcohol or drug problem. It is usually called comorbidity, having the presence of one and more disorders in addition to the primary disease. Co-occuring, concurrent disorders, dua

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Article Number : 213899
Tags : Evaluating ,Dual ,Diagnosis ,diagnosis ,dual ,disorder ,disorders ,illness ,client ,substance


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