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By: Samantha Knowles  
If you are reading this, chances are that you are a man who absolutely loves fishing. A few of you are lucky enough to have a significant other who also obsesses over this sport

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Tags : How ,Get ,Partner ,Fish ,fishing ,girlfriend ,trip

By: Cesar Muler  
Nowadays, fishing is one of the most popular free time activities. More and more people decide to learn how to fish and spend more time outside, because fishing has proven to be a good thing to do when trying to relax and lose all the stress.

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Tags : Hartley ,Fly ,fishing ,Fishing ,Flies ,company ,Hartley ,hartleyfly ,find ,looking

By: George Velvet  
Finally, your long awaited week off has arrived. It has been too long since you've last put on those waders, and your fly rod has been collecting dust for weeks on end, not to mention that you can swear you heard your fishing flies planning something

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Tags : How ,figure ,fishing ,flies ,fishing ,flies

By: Dwight Schewe  
The cool evenings of fall signal water temperatures dropping in the lakes. That means fishing will go through another transition peroid. The lakes are turning over and the oxygen is getting mixed back into the deep water. The shallow water cools first, an

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Article Number : 23394
Tags : Fall ,Freshwater ,Fishing ,shallow ,water ,fishing ,fall ,lake ,pike

By: Dwight Schewe  
Walleye fishing is a fascinating sport, and there is nothing like catching these fish to make a fishing trip enjoyable. The walleye is a species of fish that is native to Canada and the northern United States. The name walleye comes from the fact that the

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Article Number : 23392
Tags : Walleye ,Fishing ,Techniques ,walleye ,days ,water ,fishing ,Walleye ,bars ,bait

By: Chris Slattery  
Every one knows there's more to fly fishing then a rod, reel, line and flies but most people have way to many accessories that can actually be a burden when fishing. So is there really a need for all the fly fishing accessories?

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Article Number : 6519
Tags : Fly ,Fishing ,Accessories ,haves ,fishing ,fishing ,accessories ,sink ,different ,water ,boxes ,flies


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