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Class is always in session. Make the most of your education today and it will more than benefit you tomorrow.

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By: Fiona Kitchen  
Don't go was the answer Emma received when she telephoned the student whose place she was due to take over from the following day, when arriving in France.After tears and a lot of worry, she pulled herself together, and explains why advice shouldn't alw

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Viewed : 201 Times   Date Submitted :  2017-12-12
Article Number : 213898
Tags : Horrible ,Homestay ,France ,Turns ,night ,quite ,went ,local

By: Ron Arora  
The use of computers has become integrated into the daily lives of most individuals. They are required for almost every type of job function, are in almost every school and most have them at home. After going to computer training school and ...

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Viewed : 65 Times   Date Submitted :  2017-10-14
Article Number : 213839
Tags : Benefits ,Computer ,Training ,School ,computer ,training ,courses ,software ,business ,businesses ,different ,specific ,computers

By: Emma Kingston  
Now back to Killara: senior girls pair up 'Gordon' tartan skirts with white blouses bearing tartan trims during the summer - a touch of creativity all around. They also wear white short anklet socks. That's all. If you want blazers to top it all it's up t

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Viewed : 44 Times   Date Submitted :  2017-09-22
Article Number : 213782
Tags : Senior ,Girls ,Summer ,School ,Uniform ,Cherrybrook ,Technology ,Killara ,black ,girls ,school ,senior ,white ,learning ,School ,uniform

By: Emma Kingston  
On the other hand, senior boys put on white cotton or polyester polo shirts during the summer and white pointed collar shirts during the winter. This is combined with either navy blue shorts or long grey trousers. To top it all, a navy blue jumper complet

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Article Number : 213766
Tags : Uniforms ,Australian ,Schools ,white ,summer ,shirts ,winter ,trousers ,black ,skirts ,girls ,grey

By: Emma Kingston  
That ubiquitous piece of cloth was a truly all-purpose accessory. However, you shouldn't get any ideas of the many things you can use it for. Just remember that we are in a different age and humanity discovered something called bacterial germ viral infect

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Article Number : 213631
Tags : School ,Accessories ,Aprons ,Why ,History ,apron ,school ,aprons ,clothes ,food

By: Emma Kingston  
Parents who have serious financial issues can also take advantage of clothing pools within many schools. Setting up of clothing pools is a recommended policy by the New South Wales Department of Education and Training, aimed at assisting families in need

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Viewed : 61 Times   Date Submitted :  2017-04-26
Article Number : 213622
Tags : Strategies ,Cut ,Expenses ,School ,Socks ,socks ,school ,padding ,child ,size ,uniform ,shoe ,accessories ,checking


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