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Do You Love Your Job

By: Samantha Knowles
Are you dreading going to work in the morning? Is it affecting your sleep, your day to day life? Have you thought about getting a new job and how that could help?

In this day and age where good jobs are hard to come by, it can be an overwhelming process to think about getting another job. Especially if you have one that pays decent money. However, is money everything? What about those thousands of people that are stuck in a job and scared to even see what is out there? Today, I am talking to all of you.

Here are a few tools to help you land that perfect job:

1. Resunate. It's easy to think of a potential employer as the venerable man behind the curtain. I mean, what do recruiters actually do when they're looking over resumes? Resunate is a service that attempts to get rid of the curtain altogether by showing users just how their resumes look to a recruiter or potential employer. This tool parses your entire uploaded resume and compares it to the description of the job you're after, acting the way an employer's applicant tracking system (ATS) would work. Then, you get a score from 1 to 10 that determines how well your application would stack up in the ATS. Armed with that feedback, you can tweak your CV to boost your score or allow Resunate to Auto Focus your resume for the job, truncating any unnecessary skills and boosting ATS visibility. You can keep as many resumes as you want on the site, letting you can tailor all of your resumes to each position for which you're applying.

2. Networking. Make the best use of your down time. Talk to your friends and colleagues and find out what else is out there. Are you looking to make a lateral move to a competing company or maybe charting a new course? Your first step is to find that out and see what may be out there for you. A cautionary note: Don't go around announcing that you are leaving. There are subtle ways of looking for a job while still keeping the one you have (that is paying you). Causing a stir or making your discontent public can harm you in the long term. That is the best way to lose your current job. Be subtle.

3. Job Listings. One of the most difficult things about a job search is, well, searching. Sifting through dozens of job sites, both aggregate and company-specific, can be a total energy and morale drain. It's a necessary evil: If your dream job wasn't posted today, it could be there tomorrow or the day after. There's no magic formula that dictates the perfect time to snag a dream job, so escaping the search is impossible.However, Indeed's search engine makes the pain of search a little simpler. Thanks to its minimalist and straightforward design, it just takes a couple of seconds to set up a recurring search protocol and a profile that displays your resume to potential recruiters. With no upfront cost and little hassle, it's also easy to set up an alert system that will email you whenever a potentially relevant job -- based on strictly specified keywords -- comes up. It's not a full replacement for daily search, but indeed is a good base of operations for the smart job hunter.

Keep in mind during this whole process that you still work for someone. Someone who is paying you. Be smart about using your personal time and personal resources to get your resume together. Sending out resumes from your company computer or using your work telephone number as a contact number is not a smart idea. It is not just unethical but can get you in trouble with your current employer (the one that pays you).

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